第81屆奧斯卡(Academy Awards) 得獎名單

Best Motion Picture of the Year 最佳影片

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( Produced by Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall, Ceán Chaffin )
‧Frost/Nixon   請問總統先生
  ( Produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Eric Fellner )
‧Milk   自由大道
  ( Produced by Dan Jinks, Bruce Cohen )
‧The Reader   為愛朗讀
  ( Nominees to be determined )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( Produced by Christian Colson )

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year 最佳動畫片

‧Bolt   雷霆戰狗
  ( Directed by Chris Williams and Byron Howard )
‧Kung Fu Panda   功夫熊貓
  ( Directed by John Stevenson and Mark Osborne )
‧Wall-E   瓦力
  ( Directed by Andrew Stanton )

Best Documentary feature 最佳紀錄長片

‧The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)   紐約異鄉人*
  ( Directed by Ellen Kuras, Thavisouk Phrasavath )
‧Encounters at the End of the World   冰旅紀事
  ( Directed by Werner Herzog, Henry Kaiser )
‧The Garden   花園*
  ( Directed by Scott Hamilton Kennedy )
‧Man on Wire   偷天鋼索人
  ( Directed by James Marsh, Simon Chinn )

‧Trouble the Water   惡水*
  ( Directed by Tia Lessin, Carl Deal )

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year 最佳外語片

‧The Baader Meinhof Complex  (Der Baader Meinhof Komplex)
  巴德麥恩霍夫二人組          / 德國
‧The Class                   (Entre les murs)
  我和我的小鬼們              / 法國
‧Departures                  (おくりびと)
  送行者:禮儀師的樂章        / 日本

‧Revanche                    (Revanche)
  報復                        / 奧地利
‧Waltz with Bashir           (Vals Im Bashir)
  與巴席爾跳華爾滋            / 以色列

Best Achievement in Directing 最佳導演

‧David Fincher   for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  大衛芬奇            班傑明的奇幻旅程
‧Ron Howard      for Frost/Nixon
  朗霍華              請問總統先生
‧Gus Van Sant    for Milk
  葛斯范桑            自由大道
‧Stephen Daldry  for The Reader
  史帝芬戴爾卓        為愛朗讀
‧Danny Boyle     for Slumdog Millionaire
  丹尼鮑伊            貧民百萬富翁

Best Original Screenplay 最佳原著劇本

‧Frozen River   冰凍之河
  ( Written by Courtney Hunt )
‧Happy-Go-Lucky   無憂無慮
  ( Written by Mike Leigh )
‧In Bruges   殺手沒有假期
  ( Written by Martin McDonagh )
‧Milk   自由大道
  ( Written by Dustin Lance Black )

‧Wall-E   瓦力
  ( Written by Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon, Pete Docter )

Best Adapted Screenplay 最佳改編劇本

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( Written by Eric Roth, Robin Swicord )
‧Doubt   誘.惑
  ( Written by John Patrick Shanley )
‧Frost/Nixon   請問總統先生
  ( Written by Peter Morgan )
‧The Reader   為愛朗讀
  ( Written by David Hare )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( Written by Simon Beaufoy )

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

‧Richard Jenkins  for The Visitor
  理察傑金斯           幸福來訪時
‧Frank Langella   for Frost/Nixon
  法蘭克藍吉拉         請問總統先生
‧Sean Penn        for Milk
  西恩潘               自由大道

‧Brad Pitt        for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  布萊德彼特           班傑明的奇幻旅程
‧Mickey Rourke    for The Wrestler
  米基洛克             力挽狂瀾

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

‧Anne Hathaway   for Rachel Getting Married
  安海瑟薇            瑞秋要出嫁
‧Angelina Jolie  for Changeling
  安吉莉娜裘莉        陌生的孩子
‧Melissa Leo     for Frozen River
  梅莉莎李奧          冰凍之河
‧Meryl Streep    for Doubt
  梅莉史翠普          誘.惑
‧Kate Winslet    for The Reader
  凱特溫絲蕾          為愛朗讀

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

‧Josh Brolin             for Milk
  喬許布洛林                  自由大道
‧Robert Downey Jr.       for Tropic Thunder
  小勞勃道尼                  開麥拉驚魂
‧Philip Seymour Hoffman  for Doubt
  菲力普西蒙霍夫曼            誘.惑
‧Heath Ledger            for The Dark Knight
  希斯萊傑                    黑暗騎士

‧Michael Shnnon          for Revoluionary Road
  麥可夏儂                    真愛旅程

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

‧Amy Adams         for Doubt
  艾咪亞當斯            誘.惑
‧Penélope Cruz     for Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  潘妮洛普克魯茲        情遇巴塞隆納

‧Viola Davis       for Doubt
  薇拉戴維絲            誘.惑
‧Taraji P. Henson  for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  泰拉姬漢              班傑明的奇幻旅程
‧Marisa Tomei      for The Wrestler
  瑪莉莎湯美            力挽狂瀾

Best Achievement in Art Direction 最佳藝術指導

‧Changeling   陌生的孩子
  ( by James J. Murakami, Gary Fettis )
‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo )

‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Nathan Crowley, Peter Lando )
‧The Duchess   浮華一世情
  ( by Michael Carlin, Rebecca Alleway )
‧Revolutionary Road   真愛旅程
  ( by Kristi Zea, Debra Schutt )

Best Achievement in Cinematography 最佳攝影

‧Changeling   陌生的孩子
  ( by Tom Stern )
‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Claudio Miranda )
‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Wally Pfister )
‧The Reader   為愛朗讀
  ( by Chris Menges, Roger Deakins )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( by Anthony Dod Mantle )

Best Achievement in Costume Design 最佳服裝設計

‧Australia   澳大利亞
  ( by Catherine Martin )
‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Jacqueline West )
‧The Duchess   浮華一世情
  ( by Michael O'Connor )

‧Milk   自由大道
  ( by Danny Glicker )
‧Revolutionary Road   真愛旅程
  ( by Albert Wolsky )

Best Achievement in Film Editing 最佳剪輯

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Kirk Baxter, Angus Wall )
‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Lee Smith )
‧Frost/Nixon   請問總統先生
  ( by Mike Hill, Daniel P. Hanley )
‧Milk   自由大道
  ( by Elliot Graham )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( by Chris Dickens )

Best Achievement in Makeup 最佳化妝

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Greg Cannom )

‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by John Caglione Jr., Conor O'Sullivan )
‧Hellboy II:The Golden Army   地獄怪客II:金甲軍團
  ( by Mike Elizalde, Thom Floutz )

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original score)

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Alexandre Desplat )
‧Defiance   聖戰家園
  ( by James Newton Howard )
‧Milk   自由大道
  ( by Danny Elfman )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( by A.R. Rahman )

‧Wall-E   瓦力
  ( by Thomas Newman )

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original song)

‧"Down To Earth"  from Wall-E   瓦力
  (by A.R. Rahman, Gulzar)
‧"Jai Ho"         from Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  (by A.R. Rahman, Maya Arulpragasam)

‧"O Saya"         from Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  (by Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman)

Best Achievement in Sound Editing 最佳音效剪輯

‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Richard King )

‧Iron Man   鋼鐵人
  ( by Frank E. Eulner, Christopher Boyes )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( by Tom Sayers )
‧Wall-E   瓦力
  ( by Ben Burtt, Matthew Wood )
‧Wanted   刺客聯盟
  ( by Wylie Stateman )

Best Achievement in Sound Mixing 最佳音效合成

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by David Parker, Michael Semanick, Ren Klyce, Mark Weingarten )
‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Lora Hirschberg, Gary Rizzo, Ed Novick )
‧Slumdog Millionaire   貧民百萬富翁
  ( by Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty )
‧Wall-E   瓦力
  ( by Tom Myers, Michael Semanick, Ben Burtt )
‧Wanted   刺客聯盟
  ( by Chris Jenkins, Frank A. Monta眫o, Petr Forejt )

Best Achievement in Visual Effects 最佳視覺特效

‧The Curious Case of Benjamin Button   班傑明的奇幻旅程
  ( by Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton, Craig Barron )

‧The Dark Knight   黑暗騎士
  ( by Nick Davis, Chris Corbould, Tim Webber, Paul J. Franklin )
‧Iron Man   鋼鐵人
  ( by John Nelson, Ben Snow, Dan Sudick, Shane Mahan )

Best Animated Short Film 最佳動畫短片

‧La Maison de Petits Cubes   積木之屋
  ( Directed by Kunio Kato )

‧Lavatory - Lovestory   公廁愛情故事
  ( Directed by Konstantin Bronzit )
‧Oktapodi   章魚
  ( Directed by Emud Mokhberi, Thierry Marchand )
‧Presto   魔術師和兔子
  ( Directed by Doug Sweetland )
‧This Way Up   兩個抬棺材的人
  ( Directed by Alan Smith, Adam Foulkes )

Best Live Action Short Film 最佳實景短片

‧Auf der Strecke (On the Line)   地鐵線上
  ( Directed by Reto Caffi )
‧Manon on the Asphalt   躺在馬路上的瑪儂
  ( Directed by Elizabeth Marre, Olivier Pont )
‧New Boy   新來的男孩
  ( Directed by Steph Green, Tamara Anghie )
‧The Pig   豬
  ( Directed by Tivi Magnusson, Dorte Høgh )
‧Spielzeugland (Toyland)   玩具王國
  ( Directed by Jochen Alexander Freydank )

Best Documentary Short Subject 最佳紀錄短片

‧The Conscience of Nhem En
  ( Directed by Steven Okazaki )
‧The Final Inch
  ( Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky, Tom Grant )
‧Smile Pinki
  ( Directed by Megan Mylan )

‧The Witness - From the Balcony of Room 306
  ( Directed by Adam Pertofsky, Margaret Hyde )

Jean Hersholt Humanitarian 珍赫爾尼特人道主義獎

‧Jerry Lewis



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