I just read Julia's article--What Are We Creating? Monsters?

Indeed, kids nowadays apparently become more violent. More and more teachers worry about this phenomenon, although some may blame it on the explosure of mass media, which are mostly considered more bloody than before. However, just twenty or ten years ago, kids were still "normal." So I couldn't help but thinking: what happened during these days? 

As an old saying goes, "Spare the rod, spoil the child." When we put more concern about human rights, do we also remember that crimes need punishment? People believe in the "education of love" but the truth is: If we don't love kids, we won't punish them for making mistakes. To corrupt a kid is simple. You just let him do whatever he wants and he will be an airplane, flying high but out of control.

Anyway, I kind of feel desperation about education. It can't make me depressed anymore.


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