Hi, everyone, there is another survey from Julia. The original version of it is from Homeni without the English translation, which is credited to Julia. Since Julia has translated the questions into English, I would like to keep the translation and answer it in English, too. (OMG, I have practiced English much more in these days than my whole life. Thank Julia again.^^)

The following is my answer.

(Do you think that a couple can still be friends after their break-up? Why? Or, why not?) 
I have answered this question, haven't I? Why people love to ask this kind of questions?

(What do you earnestly want to benefit from your friends?)
I want a chance to support my friends and to give my support.

(What is the most unbearable fault of your character?)
To waste time on fooling around.

(When you met someone you admire, would you openly reveal your love interest or secretly care for him/her?) 
I would keep the secret until I couldn't keep it anymore. However, when the moment comes, my mind often goes blank. So I don't really suggest anyone to act like me.

(Name three positive points about the person who picked you for this survey.)
Julia is passionate, patient and caring, I think.

(What is one thing that you desire to possess the most?)
In the first survery, my answer is "everything I've had. Nothing more, nothing less." In this one, it would be "I want to be an English native speaker." XD

(What is your dream and passion?)
To become an English teacher. (and I have my dream come true....partly....)

(After a heated argument with your lover, how long does it take you to patch up?) 
I have done this one already. 

(What have you been hoping to accomplish for the last month?)
To teach my students as I usually do and sleep well.

(What kind of life style are you planning to have in 10 years? How do you plan to fulfil the dream?)
 I have answered this one already. 

12. 有想過放棄現有生活去流浪嗎?如果有,為的是什麼? 
(Have you ever thought of giving up your current life style to become a traveller/drifter? If you had, what would be your reason for doing so?)
Sure... and I really have given up my current life for...about six months for living a normal life without students driving me crazy.

13. 如果時光可以倒流,你最想回到什麼時候,想做什麼?
(If time could be reversed, what time period would you like to fall back on over again and what would you like to do?)
Can I just stay present? I'm satisfied with my present life. What happened is meant to happen. I can't change anything if I fall back on, can I?

(Other than your current career, what occupation would you attempt to give it a try?)
I've dreamed to be a designer for a long time.

17.如果可以選擇,你想當男生還是女生? why?
(If you were given a choice, would you prefer to be a man or a woman? Why?)
Of course a woman. A woman can have pretty dress but a man can not.

(What part of your life is not up to your satisfaction?)

(What kind of compliment would you love to receive from others? Why?)
You seem to be slimmer. Every woman LOVES to hear that.

(Is your dearest loved one currently with you? Why? Or, why not?)

(What would you do when you have reached your alcohol intake limit?)
Just laugh out loud for every words and every movement my companies made.

(Do you prefer nerds or playboys-want-to-be? Why?) 
I think when love comes to you, any kind of boy will be your perfect style.

(What is the book that you are currently reading? Please briefly describe the book.)
The English textbook for junior high school in Nan-Yi version. It is BORING. (Is that brief enough? XD)

(What is your most embarrassing moment so far? Or, tell a real life joke.)
I used to play songs when I sleep. Last night, in the middle of my sleep, I startled by hearing my cell phone ringing. Of course I woke up to answer my cell phone. But it was weird that my cell phone was still ringing after I pressed the answering button... When I realized the music was from my computer, It was five minutes later.... How stupid I am! (sigh)


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