Your sign is that of dramatic Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac, and the sign of generosity and nobility. It stands for self-expression and the unfolding of the internal power principle. Generous and self-aware, you are truly king of the jungle.

The Sun, defines the dominant traits of your personality and your basic character. This makes you a self-assured, magnanimous, and buoyant person who enjoys being the center of attention, and others often see you as invincible, because your courage and charisma are so impressive.

Your sign is the second of the fire signs, which makes you a strong-willed and courageous individual, with great leadership qualities. Your aura radiates magnetism and dignity like the rays around the sun.

You rule the fifth house of the horoscope, which is the section associated with pleasure, creativity, and play. This includes romance, children, gambling and speculation, hobbies, sports, fun and games. Your desire to live out your emotions is powerful, and you constantly seek new ways of self-expression.

The mode of a Leo is fixed, which means that you are passive in your need for admiration, expecting others to naturally notice and approach you. You enjoy stability and comfort, and are generous in sharing it with others.

Your strengths, dear Leo, lie in your open-minded and extremely faithful nature. You tend to act as the protector of the downtrodden, and when taking sides, most often root for the underdog. In relationships, you are sincere, genuine, and trusting, because you hold high ethical standards.

However, even you have weaknesses, dear Leo! At times, you have a tendency to become vain and egocentric, and get anxious and hypersensitive when you don't get the attention you want. If you are fishing for compliments and get a dissatisfying result, you compensate by displaying arrogance, and are very capable of delivering a grandiose and exaggerated performance.

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