Analytical Virgo, as the sixth sign of the zodiac, you represent purity, perfection, and practicality. Virgos put things in order to unify the world.

Mercury, the planet of mental and intellectual principles, and ruler of Virgo, makes you a methodical and organized worker who brings an analytical, systematic approach to all facets of life. You project a serious image overall, one only strengthened by your problem-solving skills and fastidious refinement.

Yours is the second of the earth signs, which makes you a dependable, responsible individual. You are reserved and modest in your behavior, and discriminating in your choices. You connect strongly to Mother Earth, and are therefore extremely health-conscious.

As a Virgo, you rule the sixth house of the horoscope, associated with the quality of work. Furthermore, this section of the chart shows how you analyze, deal with, and communicate details. The sixth house also involves health matters in general.

Virgo mode is mutable, which means that you are a levelheaded communicator who makes sure that whatever is being discussed is precise and accurate. Your role in a team is that of quality control.

Your strengths lie in your sharp mental powers, especially in scientific, or technical areas. You are well spoken and witty, and have a good understanding of other people's problems. Above all, you're a great problem solver, providing clear analysis to complex issues.

Your weaknesses are that you tend to be too much of a perfectionist, which can lead you to pedantic, petty, or schoolmasterly behavior. Your critical and sometimes negative outlook on life can be a downer for others, who may describe you as reserved, overly critical, and timid.

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