Recently, I was trying to change my career. I'm not saying that being a teacher is not good enough. It's good, definitely pretty great. However, I want to live a different life. Most student think it's a waste of time not to be a teacher after four year training of teaching. They believe they don't have any other choices. But I don't think so.

The four year training is the basis of being a teacher but teaching is not the only destination. I've heard that a lot of teachers complain about their long-time working. Every time they get together, they always talk about how boring, exhausted and tired they are and the education in Taiwan is worse and worse.  They never realize those talks are as boring as themselves.

My life shouldn't be like that and I deserve to live what I wanna be. I hope I could have such courage to make a switch. I believe there are many ways ahead. :)


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