It was 31 years ago today. A famous actor, a great musician and a genius filmmaker died. He is Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known as Charlie Chaplin, who gives us a wonderful and happy world.

People would never forget this genius and he surely made the definitive standard for screen comedy to this day. However, besides happiness, he also shows his concerns the little. Do you remember 《A Dog's Life》?

Chaplin plays opposite an animal as 'co-star'. 'Scraps' (the dog) was the hero in this film, as she helps Charlie and Edna toward a better life. Edna Purviance plays a dance hall singer and Charlie Chaplin, the tramp. Sydney Chaplin (Chaplin's brother) had a small role in this film; this was the first time the two brothers were on screen together. (quoted from WIKI)

Now, let's watch some parts of 《A Dog's Life》to cherish the memory of Charlie Chaplin. :)

*A Dog's life Part 1

*A Dog's life Part 2

*A Dog's life Part 3

*A Dog's life Part 4

*A Dog's life Part 5




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