a_e:bake, cake, take
ai:rain, pain, tail
ay:way, hay, say

e_e:eve, Chinese
ee:see, bee, tree
ea:sea, leaf, tea

i_e:kite, line, bike
ie:lie, tie, die
igh:light, night, high
y:fly, cry,

o_e:robe, nose, note
oe:toe, foe,
oa:coat, goat, boat
ow:low, rainbow, window

u_e:cute, tube, mule
ew:new, few, dew
ue:cue, due, rescue

There is only one rule of my picking these example words:
You can do actions to illustrate their meanings.

Figure out one action for each word and
do it when you are saying those words.
Kids love it. :)


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