It's been a long time since I wrote something to you last time. Recently I recalled you several times. Not sure is it because of the hot summer days or the guy I met while waiting for the bus two days ago. I miss you, really. People always said, once you get something in love, you lose something in friendship. I disagree. Though we're apart, deep in our hearts we're still together like we did before.

 How have you been? Most of our classmates have found a teaching job. As for the rest of them, some are in graduate school (domestic ones, most likely) and the others are busy changing their careers or getting married. (I assume the later one is also a kind of "changing their careers.")

 Are you still dreaming of reading book on the balcony in the afternoon? Are you still loving to walk around the campus alone in the night? Is your favorite drink still green tea plus black tea? There are lots of memories between us and they are gone with the wind.

 We all have new lives now and they are better than before, I know. Be a happy girl and wife with my wholehearted wishes. I will always be there for you.


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