books aren't dead. they're just going digital.

it's the title of the November 26 issue of Newsweek. have you ever heard of Kindle? it's the first 'always-on' book. not just an electronic book, it brings a new perspect of reading. the time of book 2.0 is coming. when you read a book which reminds you of another book, what would you do? go upstairs to find the reference, which could easily take you an hour or more? save it! with Kindle, you can perpetually connect internet and check any book, magazines, journals you want. moreover, you can even subscribe to them.

before books, music and video have been digital for a long time, and short-form reading has been digitized. but long-form reading hasn't. the kindle represents a time of transition. the reason why people read less books in the past decade doesn't exist anymore-books are heavy and unportable. and there is something that has happened to everyone-hate to need glasses to read those 10pt (or less) books. well, you won't need to do that, too.

for those love reading paperback ones, kindle may be out of imagination and unacceptable. but for those used to get anything done anytime anywhere, kindle surely is the best choice ever.


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